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  • How to keep bladder accumulator NXQ-A-10/31.5-L-EH in good work?

    The maintenance methods for bladder type accumulators NXQ-A-10/31.5-L-EH mainly include regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance, nitrogen charging, replacing aging parts, avoiding overload, and paying attention to storage. By using the correct maintenance methods, the service life of the acc...
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  • Application Superiority of HSNH210-36N Three Screw Oil Pump

    HSNH210-36N three screw pump is an axial delivery positive displacement low-pressure rotor pump, which consists of a spiral surface formed by a special shape curve. When the active screw rotates, the moving seal chamber absorbs the liquid from the inlet and transmits it along the axial direction ...
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  • Replacing the Bladder of NXQ-A-40/31.5-F-Y Hydraulic Accumulator

    The bladder is one of the core components of accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-F-Y, which stores and releases energy in the hydraulic system. It can balance pressure changes in the system and prevent system overload or damage due to pressure fluctuations. When a ruptured bladder is found, it is necessary...
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  • AST Solenoid Valve 300AA00126A in Steam Turbine HP Oil Station

    There are four AST solenoid valves in steam turbine HP oil station, which are controlled by the turbine shutdown signal. During normal operation, the solenoid valve 300AA00126A is energized and closed, blocking the AST oil drain channel on the emergency trip main pipe, thereby establishing the em...
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  • Selecting Solenoid valve 22FDA-F5T-W110R-20/LP for Steam Turbine Test

    The inlet hole of the 22FDA-F5T-W220R-20/LBO test solenoid valve is normally open, and hydraulic oil enters different oil discharge pipes. Then, the pressure of the oil pushes the piston of the oil cylinder, which drives the piston rod, which drives the mechanical device. The solenoid valve 22FD...
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  • Function of Braking Magnet Electromagnetic Coil 3YV

    Function of Braking Magnet Electromagnetic Coil 3YV

    The 3YV mechanical shutdown electromagnet belongs to live operation and is suitable for the steam turbine ETS system. The electrical trip itself is redundant. Once the electrical shutdown signal is received, the ETS energizes the electromagnetic trip electromagnet. The Braking Magnet Electromagn...
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  • What Does A Mechanical Trip Valve F3DG5S2-062A-50-DFZK-V Do?

    Mechanical trip valve F3DG5S2-062A-50-DFZK-V is an important equipment in the mechanical trip system of steam turbines. The mechanical overspeed trip system is a flying hammer type mechanical overspeed protection mechanism, which is different from the electronic overspeed trip system. It is not a...
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  • A Heat-Resistant and Wear-Resistant LVDT Sensor 3000TDGN

    In general, the temperature resistance of common displacement sensors does not exceed 150 ℃. However, there is a special high-temperature wear-resistant displacement sensor that can operate in a high temperature environment of 250 ℃. The 3000TDGN displacement sensor produced by Yoyik is a high-te...
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  • PT100 WZP-231 Assembled Single Three Wire Thermal Resistance

    WZP-231 thermal resistance is a sensor used to measure temperature, which is usually used with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic regulators and other equipment. WZP-231 thermal resistance measures temperature based on thermoelectric effect. It uses platinum as a sensing eleme...
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  • The High Rotation Speed Measurement Rotameter WZ-3C

    WZ-3C rotating speed monitor is a device specially used to measure and monitor the rotating speed and direction of the machine. It can receive input signals from a variety of sensors, including eddy current sensors, magnetoelectric sensors, Hall sensors, photoelectric sensors, etc. As the produce...
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  • Recommended Application of SZ-6 Horizontal Vertical Vibration Sensor

    The horizontal and vertical dual purpose vibration sensor SZ-6 is a sensor specifically designed to measure mechanical vibration at speeds as low as 5Hz. It is usually installed on the bearing covers of various rotating machinery devices to monitor and analyze the vibration status of the machiner...
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  • Introducing High Resistance Type Speed Sensor CS-1 G-065-03-01-K

    The rotation speed sensor CS-1 (also known as magnetoresistive or magnetoresistive speed sensor) is a commonly used speed sensor with high cost-effectiveness and wide applications. It is widely used in low-cost consumer product industries, power plants, high-precision speed measurement and contro...
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